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Damage to your home or business is extremely important to address quickly for your own safety. Damage restoration also prevents further damage, which becomes more costly and difficult to repair as time goes on. When you need damage restoration services, don’t wait around. We are ready to help at Trident General Contracting.

A Brief Look at Our Damage Restoration Services

Our damage restoration services cover a variety of needs:

  • Roof Damage – If high winds have blown off your shingles, hail has dented your roof, or a tree has fallen onto it, we can provide emergency roof repair. To start, we may use durable tarps to keep out water, but you can rest assured we will provide an effective, permanent solution.
  • Fire Damage – Your house or business catching fire can be devastating in a number of ways, but we provide the fire damage restoration needed for your space to be functional again and for you to regain a sense of normalcy. Let us deal with the smoke and soot.
  • Water Damage – Water damage caused by a burst pipe, clogged gutters, or another source should be addressed right away to prevent rotting, mold growth, and poor indoor air quality. We can remove any affected materials and use high-velocity fans or other equipment to eliminate moisture.
  • Storm Damage – After a storm passes through, your roof and other areas of your structure may be damaged. Our storm damage restoration services are prompt and thorough, offering the structural integrity and protection against the elements your home or business needs.

No matter which of our damage restoration services you need, we will work with attention to detail to help your property return to its former state. We also work with most major insurance companies and can assist you with your claim. Get a quote today.