Face Your Flood Damage Head On

Address your Plano, TX home with water restoration services

Water damage can be pretty unforgiving. A leaking pipe or water heater can cause damage to your walls, carpet and hardwood floors. Trident General Contracting, LLC can take care of the water damage in your Plano, TX home with water restoration services. We’ll repair the damage and install new walls and flooring to restore the appearance and preserve the structural integrity of your home.

You can reach us at 972-881-7711 to rid your home of water damage.

3 reasons to address your water damage as soon as possible

Don’t delay fixing your leaking pipes and appliances. Consider these negative effects of unchecked water damage:

  1. Standing water can attract pests such as termites and mosquitoes
  2. The growth of fungi can compromise your home’s structural integrity
  3. mold growth can negatively affect your home’s air quality

You can count on Trident General Contracting, LLC to help you overcome flood damage in your Plano, TX home.