Fiberglass Asphalt Shingles

And What You Need To Know

Shingle Styles:
Deciding on your shingles can be overwhelming- there are a lot of options. Our trained team members can meet you at your home and show you real samples of the different color options and styles to choose from. A shingle should be chosen using three main criteria: budget, length of warranty and style preference.

Pitfalls of Shingles

Installing new shingles on your home is not what keeps your house watertight. The quality of the work is in the details, such as proper underlayments, the right types of sealants, proper edge metal, good flashings around the perimeter of the roof and proper attic ventilation. These all contribute to how long your home’s shingle roof will last. Most of our leak calls are the result of some other contractor cutting corners. This results in the homeowner spending hundreds of dollars on a repair just a couple years after a new residential roof was installed. Choose a residential contractor who will do it right the first time and stand behind their warranty.